Board of Directors

To contact a member of the board, be sure you are logged into the site, click on the individual's name, and then select 'Send Message' to send a message to the individual's email account.

If you are unable to log in, you can contact FASN using the contact form.

Elected Officers

President: Janet Jones 

President-Elect:  Kathy Browning

Treasurer: Nancy Mooney 

Membership Secretary: Melissa Wallace

Recording Secretary: Wally Colon

Special Board Member: Marcy Burnes

NASN Affiliate Director: Lisa Kern 

Regional Representatives

Regions by county

Region 1: Martha Hanna

Region 2: Shirl Streukens

Region 3: Pat Hardy 

Region 4: Nancy Carrera 

Region 5: Sara O'Toole

Region 6: Open

Region 7: Michaelene Nagy 

Region 8: Talita Thornton

Committee Chairpersons

Education Co-Chair: Janie Sailors 

Education Co-Chair: Marcy Burnes 

Awards Chair: Karen McCormack

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Kathy Browning 

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Lisa Kern 

Communications Chair: Karen Bodwell 

Nominating Committee Chair: Margaret Polk 

Research Committee Chair: Open 

School Nurse Consultants

FDOE School Nurse Consultant: Dianne Mennitt 

FDOH School Health Program Coordinator: Amy Riggen 

FFDOH Registered Nurse Consultant: Jennifer Rivera