FASN Research Committee

The FASN Research Committee uses this area of the website to share research-related information and resources.

The committee members are: Shirley Gordon, Chair; Charlotte Barry; Beth King; and Lori Denny.

The committee's responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting periodic assessments of FASN research priorities;
  2. Oversight of grant and award procedures; 
  3. Collaboration with the Communications Committee to post research activities;
  4. Oversight for procedures related to the review and approval of recommendations for research study proposals submitted to FASN that seek participation of FASN members; and
  5. Collaboration with the Education Committee to organize and judge the Best Practices and Research Poster Session held at the annual conference.

FASN Annual Conference Poster Session

Showcase your best practice and research activities through a poster presentation. Many FASN members who present posters at FASN have gone on to present their work at the NASN Annual Conference. The call for poster abstracts is shared in the FASN Conference area of this website.

Florida School Nurse Research Initiative (FSNRI)

Co-directors of FSNRI are Charlotte Barry and Shirley Gordon. FSNRI was developed as an outcome of a Delphi research project conducted with Florida school nurses. Florida was the first NASN affiliate to establish a research initiative which has been modeled in other states.

More than 50% of FASN participants identified research as a role of the school nurse and expressed interest in participating in research activates with assistance. The five most frequently identified topics were obesity, the role of the school nurse, legal/ethical issues, school emergencies and health education. The study was published.

Gordon, S. C., & Barry, C. D. (2006). Development of a school nursing agenda: A Delphi study. The Journal of School Nursing, 22(2), 114-119.

The FSNRI provides ongoing education, networking, and organizational support to nurture statewide research groups made up of practicing school nurses and research mentors from the university setting. It is expected that as a result of the initiative, statewide multi-site research studies will be conducted focused on priority topics and school nurses will demonstrate an increased comfort level in the integration of research into practice.

The Goals of the FSNRI are to:

  • establish a research agenda for school nurses in Florida with periodic updates in collaboration with the FASN Research Committee;
  • develop a systematic structure to nurture of school nurses in the research process including the integration of evidence into the practice of school nursing and participating in research studies;
  • develop research partnerships leading to multi-site research studies organized around identified topics of interest;
  • support Florida goals for healthy children in schools; and
  • collaborate with the FASN Research Committee to provide ongoing educational support for research and integration of research findings into practice.

If you are involved in a research project and/or would like to involve other school nurses please let us know! Contact Research Committee Chair Shirley Gordon.

The Journal of School Nursing

FASN members serving as reviewers:

Charlotte Barry

Shirley Gordon

Dianne Mennitt

Shirley Schantz

FASN Members in Print

Contact the Authors if you have an interest in their topics!

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