The National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) endorses the concept of voluntary certification by examination for all school nurses. Professional certification in school nursing provides an ongoing, quality credentialing process for eligible school nurses. Certification represents a national standard of preparation, knowledge, and practice. To assist with this recognition, the NBCSN provides the opportunity for school nurses to set the standards for their specialty area through voluntary professional certification.


NBCSN has a chart showing NCSNs by State. View the chart for Florida's standing.

NBCSN Liaisons

NBCSN Liaisons play an important role of supporting NBCSN certification:

  • Serves as a resource on certification;
  • Promotes certification;
  • Participates in state activities with the NBCSN information; and
  • Serves as a Liaison between state and the NBCSN Board of Directors.

View the NBCSN directory of Liaisons to find and/or contact Florida's NBCSN Liaisons.

NCSN of the Year Recognition Awards

NCSNs who have promoted certification and professional school nursing as well as enhanced competency in school nursing can be nominated for the NCSN Recognition Award.

Florida NCSNs who have received this award:

2007: Gail Hartshorne
2007: Rhonda Lesniak
2005: Charlotte Barry
2003: Barbara Battin
2002: Rhonda Lesniak
2000: Laureen Fleck

Learn more about this recognition award and access the application form

School Nursing Certification Review

Authors: Janice Selekman & Linda C. Wolfe
This textbook, from the National Association of School Nurses, is designed to help school nurses prepare to take the National School Nurse Certification exam. The text is formatted as a review and is in an outline format. Chapter 1 outlines the school nurse certification process Chapter 2 presents strategies for preparing and taking the test. Chapter 3 provides an overview of principles and concepts that are the foundation of pediatric nursing and working with children. The content areas are covered in Chapters 4 - 8. Practice questions are included. A full index is included for easy reference. (2010) Learn more.