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President's Acceptance -- August 2016

By Paula Alford posted 04-02-2017 18:12


August 2016

Hopefully, this finds you all well and rested. I must say it has been a very busy summer for a good many of us. I wanted ADVOCAY to be a key focus for FASN during my tenure. Wow, I had no idea the stars would align and opportunities for FASN visibility would occur.

I want to make it clear, when I speak of FASN; I'm speaking of and for school nurses within the state of Florida! You know when you find that special gem that you so want to share with others, that is how I feel about FASN. FASN is an organization that works on so many levels to promote, advocate, and support school nurses across the state of Florida. We are currently working to establish and embrace other state organizations and agencies that support the value of school nurses knowing what we provide to the educational success of our students within the state of Florida. Our umbrella of support includes our national organization, NASN.

You're FASN Affiliate Director, Lisa Kern, and our Communications Chair, Karen Bodwell, provided comprehensive information that every school nurse hopefully read and initiated comments to FLDOE website with regard to ESSA and school nurses. Lisa did a wonderful job of breaking down key points with regard to ESSA, while Karen made sure posting was done in a timely manner, not to mention an increased frequency. Your FASN board felt that school nurses across the state of Florida needed to be aware of the differences in ESSA wording verses the national level and the state of Florida. The American Academy of Pediatrics has our back (nationally)! Lastly, are you an active participant with regard to your future as a school nurse?

We need you- FASN represents all school nurses in the state of Florida!

Lastly, my heart is heavy with the recent events of violence and tragedy within our state and nation. I pray as we move forward into the upcoming school year we will see a kinder people. May each of you remain safe and continue to provide for those in need, school nurses most certainly have a servants heart.