FASN Research Committee

The FASN Research Committee is committed to facilitating and disseminating research and evidence-based practice to improve school health outcomes.

Committee members: Chair: Martha Bergren, Members: Beth Wennerstrom, Jacqueline Copeland

The committee's responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting periodic assessments of FASN research priorities;
  2. Collaboration with the Communications Committee to post research activities;
  3. Oversight for procedures related to the review and approval of recommendations for research study proposals submitted to FASN that seek participation of FASN members; and
  4. Collaboration with the Education Committee to organize and judge the Best Practices and Research Poster Session held at the annual conference.

Research Priorities

The Florida Association of School Nurses endorses the research priorities of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) ( ). 

Please see the NASN Research Priorities website for additional areas of interest:  


Research Recruitment Inquiries

The Florida Association of School Nurses Research Committee has a formal review process before agreeing to post requests recruiting FASN members for research projects.  Please see the Guidelines for Research Proposal Requests and Approval and Research Project Memorandum of Agreement for more information.

Florida Association of School Nurses Research Project Memorandum of Agreement

Guidelines for Research Proposal Requests and Approval

If you have questions, please contact the Research Committee Chair:

Martha Dewey Bergren,