FASN Research Committee

The FASN Research Committee uses this area of the website to share research-related information and resources.

The committee members are: Chair: Katherine Burdge; Members: Lisa Kern, Karen Bodwell

The committee's responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting periodic assessments of FASN research priorities;
  2. Oversight of grant and award procedures; 
  3. Collaboration with the Communications Committee to post research activities;
  4. Oversight for procedures related to the review and approval of recommendations for research study proposals submitted to FASN that seek participation of FASN members; and
  5. Collaboration with the Education Committee to organize and judge the Best Practices and Research Poster Session held at the annual conference.

Research in School Nursing

 Research is in every aspect of nursing, including the practice of school nursing.  In order to make progress and show the need for more school nurses research is needed.  For this reason, the Florida Association of School Nurses (FASN), is revitalizing our support of research to coincide with the National Association of school Nurses (NASN).

The NASN is especially interested in the following:  the impact of student focused interventions, processes for adopting evidenced-based practices in the school setting, finances, policy and infrastructure to maximize the nurse in the school setting ( .) 

Do you have an interest in research?  Do you want to help promote school nursing?   If you answered yes to either of these questions, the research committee encourages you and/or a group of your colleagues to go to the above website and participate this coming school year in the FASN Conference by presenting a research poster and share your ideas with your colleagues.
The Florida Association of School Nurses Research Committee has a formal review process before agreeing to post requests recruiting FASN members for research projects.  Please see the Guidelines for Research Proposal Requests and Approval and Research Project Memorandum of Agreement for more information.

Florida Association of School Nurses Research Project Memorandum of Agreement

Guidelines for Research Proposal Requests and Approval

If you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the Chair of Research:

 Katherine Burdge, .


FASN Annual Conference Poster Session

Showcase your best practice and research activities through a poster presentation. Many FASN members who present posters at FASN have gone on to present their work at the NASN Annual Conference. 
Call for Poster Abstracts 2020 - Application